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Emilie Jo Ipsen
Emilie Jo Ipsen

In a time when unemployment is low, employers face a challenge: How do you attract the best talents, especially within freight and logistics? This is a particular challenge for small and medium-sized businesses in the freight and transport sector, which may not have the same brand recognition as larger companies. This is one of the challenges that Transport Talent solves for you - because solutions matter!

Sourcing in Freight and Logistics

What is Sourcing?
Sourcing in the recruitment world is about identifying and attracting candidates using proactive methods. Within freight and logistics, this means finding the best candidates with the necessary expertise in freight, transport, and supply chain management.

Key Elements in Sourcing
For sourcing to be effective, it requires dedicated resources, expertise in sourcing, and the right technology to support the process.

Talent Sourcing Strategies for the Logistics Industry

Online Channels
An effective talent sourcing strategy involves an in-depth search on online platforms to find potential candidates. This includes professional networks like LinkedIn, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and industry-relevant platforms. Mastering the search functions on these platforms is crucial to finding the right profiles within freight and logistics.

Contact and Dialogue
Once a list of potential candidates is created, the next step is to initiate a dialogue. This can involve emails, phone calls, or connections via social media. Experience shows that when searching for specialists within freight, logistics, and supply chain, it might require contact with up to 100 potential candidates to fill a single position.

Candidate Pools in the Transport and Logistics Sector

Passive vs. Active Candidates
While active candidates are actively seeking job opportunities, passive candidates are those who aren't necessarily looking but might be open to the right opportunity. Within the freight and logistics industry, the passive candidate pool is often the most valuable, as it contains talents that might not be found through traditional job portals.

In a competitive industry like freight and logistics, it's crucial to have an effective and targeted recruitment strategy. By focusing on proactive sourcing methods and delving deep into both active and passive candidate pools, your company can increase the chances of finding and attracting the best talents within freight, transport, and supply chain management.

How Does Transport Talent Solve the Problem?

At Transport Talent, you're assigned your dedicated recruitment expert, who has extensive and in-depth experience with transport and logistics. Therefore, our recruitment experts know precisely what to look for and which qualities and qualifications are especially important for the position.

Our understanding of the specific sector and recruitment is further strengthened through our use of objective tests via our innovative strength barometer. Through this, we can identify the candidate's strengths, understand their personality profile, and test cognitive abilities. This provides us with a complete picture of the candidate, giving us additional information to filter potential matches and select the ideal candidate for you and your company. Additionally, we also test other abilities of the candidates, such as language skills. Therefore, you can be sure that basic languages, especially English, have been tested, and the candidate has met the requirements.

At Transport Talent, we specialize in advancing the careers of talented professionals in transport and logistics. Discover how Transport Talent can boost your career today! Beyond individual career growth, we're more than just a acquisition partner for businesses; we're an extension of your HR team. Our expertise ensures you secure motivated professionals who will be invaluable, long-term assets to your organization. Explore Transport Talent's unique approach and services now.

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