Rejection advice for employers

Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

Sending out rejections is an integral part of the recruitment process. Unfortunately, you always have to turn down more candidates than you hire. Be aware, that how you handle this says a lot about your company. Bad rejection practices can even cause lasting damage to your company's reputation and thus deter future candidates.

Contact the candidate as soon as possible

Many companies wait until the end of the hiring process before rejecting candidates. Some even wait until the new employee has actually taken up the position. This is simply disrespectful towards other applicants, as they may be waiting for a long time to hear back. Especially the candidates which have been discarded early on in the recruiting procedure should be contacted prior to the end of the process.

Candidates might be withholding their acceptance from other companies or may even turn down offers if they feel they have a chance with you. Therefore, inform the candidate when you have made your decision and you will avoid greater frustration. Imagine it the other way around: you probably would also want candidates to let you know in time if they have taken a job at another company.

Give them a call

If you have previously communicated with the candidate by telephone, you should call him/her again to cancel. This personal contact will give the genuine impression that your company cares about the applicant and wants a good relationship with each and everyone they are in touch with. E-mails often seem cold and impersonal, especially when they are clearly a mass e-mail. Instead, it is better to take the extra minutes and seek a personal interview. Always thank the candidate for the time and effort he or she has invested in the application.

Honesty is the best policy

Cancellation is not a moment for empty promises. If you are really interested in staying in touch with the candidate, end your call or email with an offer to stay in touch. Send a contact request on, for example, LinkedIn and save the contact details for future reference.

However, if you cannot imagine that the candidate will work in your company at any future point in time, don't give him or her false hope. Wish him all the best for the future and leave it at that. Candidates will always appreciate your honesty.

Ask for feedback

An application process arises from a mutual interest. Feedback is the best way to find out what applicants think about the hiring process of the company. While employers are happy to give feedback to applicants, most do not ask for it.

By asking for feedback, you show your appreciation for the candidate and their opinion. Also, it shows that you care and shines a positive light on you as a recruiter and the company in general. Ask not only successful candidates but all applicants. Feedback can help you optimize your hiring process and ensure a fair procedure.

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