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Through our expertise in transport and logistics we support companies in finding the ideal candidate to propel their company forward.

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Benefits of recruiting with Transport Talent:

With Transport Talent you have a partner in talent acquisition who will augment and complement your HR team. We support you in finding the perfect candidate for the position, someone who is motivated and who will be a long-lasting addition to your team.

Zero Risk

There is no risk in working with Transport Talent. Either we find you the perfect match or you do not pay. There are no fees upfront and no hidden costs. And best of all - if you hire one of our candidates you pay in 12 monthly installments. If you part with the talent within this period, the remaining payments will be cancelled.


We are your partner in recruiting for skilled logistics professionals. Our priority is to provide you with the best recruitment service and to build a longstanding relationship with our clients. As such, we focus on getting to know your needs and requirements, in order to perfectly fill your vacancy. Through our expertise in both recruiting and the transport and logistics sector we can support and consult you, always promoting your best interest.


Transport Talent is specialized to recruit within the transport and logistics sector, which allows us to provide you with tangible expertise. Our knowhow in freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain management enables us to assess the current environment and your specific needs in order to respond precisely to your wishes and needs.

Modern analytical methods

We understand the importance of building a dynamic team and hiring professionals with the necessary skills and attributes to achieve optimal results. To find the talent that perfectly fits your company culture and requirements, we use innovative analytics software to assess the candidate's attributes, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

How it works

We offer a simple and completely transparent process to our activities - for more detail read below.

  • Getting to know each other

    After the initial point of contact we would like to get to know you better, so we can understand your corporate culture, working methods, wishes and priorities for your team. This allows us to gain a holistic understanding of what you need and want, so that we can support you in the best possible way. We are happy to talk to you by phone, online or in person - the choice is yours.

  • Discuss the requirements profile of the current position

    Tell us the requirements for the role and the additional qualifications that your new team member should ideally bring with them, and we will find the right person. With our expertise in HR and recruiting, we optimize the search and present you as a unique company to attract the best talent for you.

  • The selection

    We will select ideal candidates from our vast talent pool and extensive network of professionals, in order to provide you with an exclusive selection of talents who match your specifications and corporate culture perfectly. Our rigorous matching process guarantees that you will only receive suiting candidate proposals. Our mantra is quality over quantity - and that is exactly what you will get when recruiting with Transport Talent.

  • Expert recommendations

    When we propose a candidate, you know that it is a recommendation which has been made explicitly for you. Our experts will gladly support you in the decision making process and give you their professional recommendations.

  • Getting to know the talent

    Once you have received a recommendation from us and are convinced of their qualifications you can start your interviewing process. We will organize a first meeting for you and the candidate, and follow up with feedback conversations to either further support you in the hiring process or to calibrate our search to your needs.


You want to know more about how we work and why an external recruiter can be a great boost for your company? Then read all about it in our FAQ section. If there is a question you do not find the answer to, feel free to contact us directly.

Because finding the qualified and motivated professionals is not an easy task.
Therefore relying on experts in recruiting and talent acquisition is a great way to
reduce valuable working hours spent on searching for candidates and reading
through CVs of unqualified applicants. You can rely on our professionals to give their
all to find the perfect match for you.

At Transport Talent you get recruiting experts who also understand the logistics and
transport sector. As such, our recruiters understand exactly what to look out for and
what qualities and qualifications are especially important for the position.

Our understanding of the specific sector and talent acquisition is further strengthened
through our use of objective tests via our innovative strength barometer. Through this
we can identify the candidate’s strengths, understand their personality profile and test
cognitive abilities. This gives us a full picture of the candidate, through which we
have additional information to filter potential matches and select the ideal candidate
for you and your company.

Additionally, we test other abilities of our candidates such as language skills.
Therefore you can be assured that fundamental languages, especially english, have
been tested and the candidate has fulfilled the requirements.

The consideration of costs are of course an important aspect when deciding on hiring professionals for talent acquisition. Transport Talent does not only offer competitive pricing, but also the option to pay in monthly installments over the course of a year. Through this option you can more easily incorporate the cost in your budget.

With Transport Talent you can be rest assured: we aim to create long-lasting relationships between the employer and the candidate. As such, the monthly installments last over an entire year, but only for as long as the candidate works for you. Should the employment come to an end within that first year, the installments end with the last month of the candidate’s employment.

You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at contact@de.transporttalent.com.