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Our workshops in cooperation with Blaupause will help you to transform talents into long-term enthusiastic and committed employees.

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How Employer Branding moves your company forward

Would you like to work with us not only to find and hire a new talent, but also to retain them in the long term and convince them of the value of your company? The employer branding program in cooperation with Blaupause supports you with this.

Your uniqueness

When looking for a job, more and more people are less interested in what additional benefits a company offers and how high the salary is. Instead, they are looking for flat hierarchies, team spirit and the opportunity for personal development. For employers, it is therefore important not only to live these values, but also to actively communicate them to the outside world in order to stand out from the competition.

Inward perspective

The first step in our employer branding process is always a workshop. In this workshop, we clarify why your employees work for you, what it is like to work for you, who you are looking for, and how you are currently perceived from the outside. This lays the foundation for the subsequent creation of a holistic strategy. While our colleagues from Blaupause manage the content of the workshops and develop the strategy, we accompany you in the process as experts for talent acquisition.

Attractive staging

With a well-founded employer branding strategy, which has been developed in cooperation with your existing employees, you have the best basis for communicating what makes you special as an employer to the outside world. You know which content is necessary on which channels, how you can present yourself authentically and how you can build trust.

Motivated employees

Good employer branding not only makes you more attractive to future applicants, but also contributes significantly to team spirit and a good working atmosphere. If the values you communicate to the outside world are also actively lived, you motivate your employees and encourage them to become ambassadors for your company.

Blaupause - Your Partner for Modern Employer Branding.

Are you looking to strengthen your employer brand sustainably and convince talents in the long term? After working with us, our customers receive up to 50% more high-quality applications.

As specialists for employer branding, we support you in aligning your employer brand with your candidates and employees in a strategic and highly efficient manner, with professional employer branding know-how. Using agile methods and stringent procedures, we position your employer brand and define unique added values for your talents. With unusual solutions and excellent designs, we create cross-media communication that convinces your internal and external target groups - in person, analog and digital.

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How it works

  • Contact us

    No matter if you are already working with us and would like to use the Employer Branding Program additionally or if you are completely new to Transport Talent: Simply contact us using the form above. We will get back to you and discuss your options.

  • Cooperation with Blaupause

    If you decide to take part in the Employer Branding Program, we will put you in touch with our colleagues at Blaupause, who will work out the content of the program.

  • We go through the Employer Branding Workshop together

    The starting point for the development of your individual employer branding strategy is a comprehensive workshop. Several people from your company, the branding experts from Blaupause and your Transport Talent consultants take part in this workshop. The workshop can take place in person or online.

  • You work on further steps with Blaupause

    Upon completion of the workshop, Blaupause will provide you with a branding guide with recommended actions. If necessary, further measures are planned in which Blaupause can support, for example a video production or the redesign of your recruitment website.


Do you have questions? Then you will surely find answers here. If not - feel free to contact us directly.

A well-developed employer branding positions you externally and internally as an attractive employer. The focus is on your corporate culture and on those factors that make people like working for you. Today, young people in particular are much more likely to pay attention to whether a potential new employer is a good cultural fit for them and offers them personal development opportunities and a "purpose," rather than negotiable factors such as salary or additional benefits. With employer branding, you place more emphasis on soft benefits such as a good working atmosphere, appreciative leadership culture and flexibility. By actively involving your existing employees in the process and in the external image, you give candidates a deeper insight into your corporate culture.

Employer branding is a profitable measure for all companies. But especially medium-sized companies and start-ups whose image is not based on a decades-long history can benefit particularly from an employer branding strategy. This is because the individual characteristics and values that make up these companies must be defined before they can achieve an external impact and make the difference to competitors.

Going through the program with us has advantages especially for those companies that also work with us in the area of recruiting. Our ambition is to support you competently in all steps of your "Employer Journey": from the acquisition of new exciting talents for your projects to the elaboration of your Employer Branding to evaluation of current employees, we offer our expertise. By accompanying you in your employer branding process and being present at the workshop, for example, we get to know your company and your values even better and understand even better how we can best support you in the areas of recruiting. As Transport Talent, we have teamed up with the employer branding experts at Blaupause to offer you a comprehensive service.

If your company is located in Germany, the workshop can take place on your premises. For companies located outside of Germany, workshops are usually carried out remotely. We can handle all communication including the workshop in German or English.

You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at contact@de.transporttalent.com.