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Choosing a Candidate

Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

Finding the right candidates is never easy, yet it may happen that you are in luck and you are faced with many qualified applicants. Now it is on you to decide who is the best fit for the position and for the company. This decision is never easy, which is why we as professional talent acquisition experts are here to support you not only in the candidate search, but also in the candidate selection. Read on to find some helpful tips on how to decide who really is the best match for you.

Think long-term

Ideally, the candidate you are hiring now will stay in your company long-term, so make sure that the two of you are not only a good fit now, but will also remain to be a perfect match for many years to come. Understanding the market is vital for this, as it will help you in your conjecture to figure out in which direction the market will develop and which candidate will help your company stay at the forefront of this change. In recent years IT skills have been a good indicator for example, as many companies have increased and improved their technical infrastructure. In such a case, choosing a tech-savvy candidate may help both of you to remain happy in the long run.

Corporate culture

Finding someone who matches your corporate culture is instrumental in long-term recruitment. It is a key indicator if a person will stay, how well he or she will work with the team and how integrated the new employee will be. Therefore knowing your own corporate culture and evaluating the personalities of the candidates is an important step in choosing the right candidate.

If your company has clear lines of command choosing the candidate who can follow this hierarchy well and does not feel imposed upon by it will be essential. Vice versa, if you have a flat hierarchical structure but the candidate is used to direct leadership he or she may struggle in this new environment and feel out of place. Therefore make sure that the personality and managerial preference of the candidate matched the corporate culture and the style of their immediate superior.

Interest and motivation

Think back to the interviews with the candidates and remember who seemed especially interested and motivated in the position. This person will likely be the one who will go above and beyond once he or she has been accepted. After all, we all want to work with people who are excited about what they do and have a positive attitude. This helps the team and makes everyone work better.

Why not both?

If you still cannot decide which candidate you want then maybe it is a sign that neither one of them is dispensable. Especially if you find important points for the long-term match in the market, industry and your company, it may be a good decision to splurge a little and offer the job to both. After all, it is very rare to be in a position where you have two excellent candidates.

Find your new employee now

If this sounds too good to be true maybe you just have not yet worked with the right people to find excellent candidates. We are here to support you every step of the way, from the candidate search to the candidate selection. Get in touch now and we will be happy to support you in finding a perfect match.

You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at

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