Posting a job as an employer

Luna Schrøder
Luna Schrøder

In our daily work, we come across many job posts. All of them are directed toward the company’s next employee and hope to attract as many candidates as possible. Many HR departments use its standard template, puts in what they’re currently looking for and push it out, but times have changed. Nowadays it’s not simply about the job itself, but it’s about the rest of the company as well. People want to understand the corporate culture and the team spirit even before applying so that they can imagine how they would fit in.

Here are some tips on how to write a compelling job ad:

1. Title

Use a descriptive and accurate title. This way candidates will know immediately of their experience and what they are looking for will suit the position.

2. Short description

Give a short and precise description of the job. Give information on the daily tasks which will be realistically incorporated in the job and make it sound both exciting and challenging without creating false expectations.

3. What are the tasks, that come with the job

Spell it out. Tell the applicant exactly what will be expected of them and what opportunity the position offers. Creating clear expectations on both sides is one of the most important aspects of finding a candidate that is truly right for you.

4. Requirements

Include only what is truly an absolute must for the job. Remain realistic and only list true requirements, not things that would be "nice to have". This way you will appeal to more people and may get some surprisingly interesting applications.

5. What do you offer

This is your way to show how seriously you care about your workforce. Paying attention to this can attract people who otherwise wouldn’t consider you twice.

6. Who are you?

Introduce your company, sell yourself and do it well. Also, keep in mind you are looking for a candidate. So reach out to them by giving them an address where they can contact you or your HR department. This will lower the barrier to applying and may result in some very interesting conversations with potential candidates.

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