Winning over your new team

Emilie Jo Ipsen
Emilie Jo Ipsen

Stepping into a new leadership position can be challenging, especially when the team is accustomed to a previous management style. However, with the right approach and understanding, you can quickly earn your team's trust and respect. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition and a positive working environment.

Recognize and Celebrate the Team's Achievements

Understand the Team's History
Take the time to understand what the team has achieved so far. Recognize their successes and learn from their past challenges. By valuing their accomplishments, you show that you respect their contributions and are ready to build upon the foundation they've already established.

Delve into the Team's Culture

Understand the Culture
Every team has its own unique culture, shaped by its members' values, beliefs, and working habits. Instead of trying to change this culture from day one, take the time to understand it. This will help you identify what works well and where improvements might be needed.

Be an Active Participant

Show Commitment
Show your team that you're willing to work alongside them, especially during challenging times. This will not only help build trust but also demonstrate that you're a leader willing to go the extra mile to ensure the team's success.

Take Initiative and Be Accessible

Communication is Key
Take the first step in building relationships with your team by being accessible and open to communication. This will allow them to share their concerns, ideas, and feedback with you, helping to establish a strong foundation for future collaboration.

Create a Shared Vision

Develop a Mission
A clear and inspiring mission can be a powerful motivator for your team. Include them in the process of defining this mission to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Patience is a Virtue

Give it Time
Building strong relationships and earning your team's trust takes time. Be patient, and remember that it's an ongoing process. With time, effort, and understanding, you and your team can work together as a cohesive unit, striving for common goals.

Being a new leader can be challenging, but with the right approach and understanding, you can quickly become a valued and respected part of your team. Follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way to building strong relationships and fostering a positive and productive work environment.

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