5 things to remember during your interview

Emilie Jo Ipsen
Emilie Jo Ipsen

Interviews can be very stressful: we want to present our best self, someone the employer will like while simultaneously showing our professional aptitude. It is a high-pressure and high-stakes situation in which we often forget what really matters in an interview. For this, we have prepared a list of 5 things to remember in your next job interview, so you can shine bright and get the job.

1. Be yourself

One of the most important things to remember during an interview is to be yourself. An employer who has conducted hundreds of interviews will immediately know if you are not being honest. A true self-evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses and previous experience will go a long way. Do not lie or over-embellish what you know, this can easily be tested and can lead to some very uncomfortable situations later on. Instead, familiarize yourself with the company and its values and explain how and why you would be a perfect fit.

2. Value your experiences

Experiences are a core asset in showing your worth to a company - if you value your experiences and present them well, the employer will too. Especially for soft skills, experiences outside of your career can have equal value and demonstrate some of your best personality traits. Ensure you have reflected on all aspects of your experiences - it will show that you are a well-rounded person and have dealt with various issues and are capable of dealing with them.

3. The method of presentation

The employer wants to get to know you - and who could be more of an expert on that topic than you yourself? So avoid scripts and instead focus on the conversation at hand. This will allow for a better rapport and a more naturally flowing conversation. If the employer enjoys talking to you, he can more easily imagine you as part of the team.

4. Don't oversell

While trying to present ourselves in the best light, we tend to overstate some skills and experiences we think will be of importance to the employer. While this is a natural reaction when trying to please, you should keep this to a minimum. In the end, overselling yourself will only lead to stress and disappointment on both sides.
Keep in mind: only if you present your true self can the job ever be a truly perfect fit.

5. Be prepared

This may be the single most important advice: "winging it" is not an option when it comes to your dream job. Put your best foot forward and get to know the company prior: learn its goals and values and research your interviewer. Prepare what you want your future employer to know about you right off the bat - it shows confidence and preparedness. This can help you avoid awkward silences and stale conversations and allows you to show your commitment to the company and why you are the perfect fit.

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