How flexible do I need to be for my job?

Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

In an era characterized by globalization, technological innovation, and shifting consumer needs, flexibility has become a crucial competency, especially within freight forwarding and logistics. But what does flexibility truly mean in different job contexts, and how can it impact your career within this industry?

Industry Fluctuations and Flexibility Requirements

Within freight forwarding and logistics, it's essential to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. However, the requirements for flexibility can vary significantly from one industry to another:
Technology and consultancy sectors: These sectors are known for their dynamic environments. With constant technological innovation and changing client demands, employees can expect to regularly adapt to new tools, processes, and strategies.
Public authorities and the education sector: These areas often offer more predictable and structured workdays, where routines and procedures rarely change drastically.

The Role and its Influence on Flexibility

Your specific role in an organization can also determine how flexible you need to be:

Leadership Roles
Leaders often need to be prepared to handle unforeseen challenges, make swift decisions, and adapt to changing business priorities.

Team Members
While team members also need to be flexible, their daily tasks might be more predictable unless unforeseen challenges arise.

Company Culture and its Significance for Flexibility

The company's culture and values can also play a significant role in how flexible an employee needs to be. Some companies value innovation and constant change, while others prioritize stability and tradition.

Personal Preferences and Work Flexibility

Your personal values and life priorities can also influence how flexible you're willing to be in the workplace. For instance, some might value workplaces that offer flexible working hours or the possibility of remote work, while others might seek more traditional and predictable working conditions.

Pros and Cons of Flexibility

While some thrive in dynamic and flexible work environments, others might find too much change stressful. It's essential to understand what you personally value in a work environment and how it can impact your performance and well-being.

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