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Why work in logistics and transport

Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

There are plenty of good reasons to consider a career in logistics and transport. Logistics is the coordination, management of resources and forms a key component of our economies delivering resources. Although it’s a little bit behind the scenes, logistics and transport is the industry that keeps the world moving. Take a look at our five reasons to find out just why it’s so fantastic.

1. It’s very accessible

One of the great things about the logistics and transport industry is the availability of entry level jobs. There are lots of options for people without formal education to get started in interesting roles, and many companies offer training packages along with the job so you can learn new skills as you work. You might need a degree to work in some of the more specialized roles but a vast majority of logistics workers learn on the job and don’t need to participate in any formal study.

A lot of logistics managers have started working on the shop floor, and have worked their way up from delivery and warehouse roles. This is a key strength of the industry as it means that a lot of people working in senior management roles have hands-on experience and know what it’s like to face day-to-day pressures. The opportunity to fast-track your career and progress quickly is one of the most appealing aspects of logistics jobs.

2. It’s very international

Because of the nature of logistics and transport work, there are fantastic opportunities to travel with the job or find work outside of your home country. It’s not just the big multinational companies that offer these possibilities. A lot of small and medium sized logistics companies still work across national borders and actively seek out employees who are happy to travel.
Alternatively, if you want to stay at home, chances are you can find logistics work close by.

3. It’s growing all the time

Because of its key strategic importance in developed economies, the sector is constantly growing. Many countries are actively investing in infrastructure and technology projects to expand the reach of logistic networks. As more economies across the world grow and become more complex the need for skilled logistics professionals is likely to soar, the demand for skilled workers is actually outstripping supply, so there’s never been a better time to look for work in the industry.

Despite fluctuations in the global economy, logistics keeps on growing in importance. The growth of e-commerce and demand for consumer goods has partly driven this. Customers want more flexible and sophisticated delivery methods. Similarly, people travel frequently, and many governments worldwide are responding to this with big new transport projects such as railway lines.

4. Variety

It’s not just the logistics companies that are hiring – it’s also nearly every company that relies on the physical movement of goods. Supply chain management is often the “glue” that holds companies and their networks together and underpins the business plans of many different organizations and markets.

This means that a massive variety of roles falls under the “logistics and transport” category. You could find yourself working in legal departments, marketing roles, customer service or as an engineer. You might also find yourself driving, sailing, flying or cycling to deliver goods on time. Combine this with the possibilities for rapid advancement and you’re looking at a highly stimulating career with the potential to learn a lot.

Whatever your interest or area of expertise is, there is likely to be a logistics role that suits you. Many roles offer the possibility of becoming an expert in particular areas whilst still developing core competencies in important skills such as communication, time management and problem-solving.

5. It’s a stepping stone to other opportunities

Logistics will give you a good oversight of how the business world works and could lead to different opportunities. If you dream of setting up your own company, understanding day-to-day logistics gives you a great base to build a strong business model. Because the industry is growing so much there is a lot of space for new small and medium sized businesses to compete.

The importance of creating strong links and networks, allows logistic professionals to gain a strong commercial awareness. You’ll get to know the ins and outs not just of your own company but of others working in similar areas and how they link up with other organizations and businesses. You can use this knowledge to branch out and move between different fields, or carve out a space for yourself as a specialist.

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