January - the month of the new job

Lena Görmann
Lena Görmann

When the calendar turns to a new year, it's not just time for New Year's resolutions, but also a golden opportunity to consider new job opportunities, especially within the freight and logistics industry. With a surge in job postings in January, it's essential for job seekers to be ahead of the application process, especially within freight and transport.

The Optimal Time for Application in the Logistics Industry

Why January is Important
January often marks a fresh start for many companies, including those in freight and logistics. With new budgets and strategies in place, it's a period when many businesses within freight and transport look to expand their teams.

The Best Time to Apply
Although many positions are posted at the beginning of January, trends indicate that the most advantageous time to send applications is between the 15th and 20th of January. This is because many companies within freight and logistics initially spend the first weeks of January getting started and defining their recruitment needs.

Preparation is Key
To make the most of this period, you should use the Christmas holidays to update your resume, especially with experiences within logistics and freight, and ensure that all necessary documents are ready.

Diversity in Job Opportunities within Freight

Look Beyond Your Field of Expertise
Even if you've specialized in a particular area, it might be rewarding to consider job opportunities outside your primary field. For instance, within logistics and freight, there's a growing demand for IT specialists, data analysts, and other technical profiles that can help streamline freight processes.

Understand the Time Frame of the Hiring Process

Expect Longer Waiting Times
While January is a busy month for job postings, especially in logistics, the hiring process might take longer due to the increased number of applicants. It's essential to remain patient and understand that the recruitment process within freight and logistics can be more extensive during this period.

Applying for jobs in January, especially within freight and logistics, requires preparation, patience, and an openness to different opportunities. With the right approach, you can position yourself as an ideal candidate for companies in the freight and transport sector and kickstart your career in the new year.

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