Avoid these mistakes when resigning

Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

Switching jobs, especially within the freight and logistics sector, is a natural progression in one's career. But how do you ensure a smooth transition without burning bridges?

Are You Prepared?
Before taking the step, make sure everything is in place. Do you have a signed contract with your new employer? Is the start date set? Are you aware of any non-compete clauses in your current contract that might affect your new position? In freight and logistics, details are crucial. A non-compete clause, for instance, might prevent you from working with certain clients or within specific areas. It's essential to be aware of these details to avoid potential legal conflicts.

Collect Outstanding Payments or Compensations
Before resigning, ensure all financial matters are settled. This includes outstanding commission payments, bonuses, or other forms of compensation. In the logistics industry, many variable components can be part of one's salary package. It's important to have a clear understanding of what you're entitled to, so you don't miss out on anything.

Create a Personal Career Archive
Before leaving your current position, gather all relevant documents and information that might be useful in the future. This can include performance reports, work samples, and essential contact details. In freight and logistics, networking and documentation are crucial. By having an archive of your work and contacts, you can easily reference past projects and maintain connections in the industry.

Prepare a Handover Document
To ensure a smooth transition for your team and successor, prepare a comprehensive handover document. This will not only ease the transition but also leave a positive lasting impression. In the logistics industry, a sudden change can cause disruptions in the supply chain. By preparing a detailed handover document, you ensure all your tasks continue without issues.

How Do I Tell My Boss?
When deciding to resign, your boss should be the first to know. Be honest, but also tactful in your approach. Focus on the positive aspects of your new opportunity rather than the negatives of your current job. In freight and logistics, relationships are key. Leaving your current position on good terms can open doors for future opportunities and recommendations.

Resignation Letter
Your resignation letter is your official notice of leaving the company. Use this opportunity to express your gratitude for the opportunities and experiences you've gained. While it's a formal process, a well-thought-out resignation letter can leave a lasting positive impression and strengthen your professional reputation.

The Counteroffer
In an industry like freight and logistics, where experience and expertise are crucial, your current employer might be willing to offer attractive incentives to retain you. Therefore, be prepared for the possibility of a counteroffer from your current employer. Consider in advance what would make you stay and what's most important for your career development.

How Do I Tell My Colleagues?
Once you've informed your boss, decide how and when you'll inform your colleagues. Be consistent in your communication and focus on the positive aspects of your decision. Your colleagues are an essential part of your professional network. Leaving on good terms can help maintain these relationships in the future.

Write a Farewell Email
A thoughtful farewell email can be a great way to say goodbye and thank your colleagues for their support and collaboration over the years. While it might seem like a small gesture, a thoughtful farewell email can leave a lasting positive impression and strengthen your professional reputation.

Stay in Touch with Former Colleagues
Even after leaving your position, it's essential to maintain connections in your industry. This can be beneficial for future job opportunities, recommendations, or collaborations. In freight and logistics, industry connections are crucial. Keeping in touch with former colleagues can give you access to insider information, job opportunities, and potential partners in the future.

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