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Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

The forest of personnel service providers and HR consulting firms is densely overgrown. They are available for all sectors and with various specializations. In many cases, it’s hard to recognize actual differences between the different offers of the companies.
This is why we want to make sure that you know who we are and why we are the right talent acquisition agency to support you in finding the perfect match.


We are specialized in the transport and logistics sector and can therefore support you ideally in finding the right candidate as we are not only experts in HR but also in logistics. We know what is required for the different jobs and can therefore search precisely for what you are looking for.

Our candidates

In order to be able to offer you the right candidate, we make use of various means. On the one hand, we start our own search, but we also check our internal, carefully curated database, full of logistics professionals with different skills and experience. We might also publish your vacancy via social media, if we think this will help the process. We support our candidates on their way to professional change until we have found the right job for them - and this could be a vacancy in your company.

Transparent payment

Just as our candidates should fit your vacancies perfectly, we have also tailored our payment model to the needs of our clients and made it as transparent and comprehensible as possible: You don't pay us a one-time payment for the placement of a candidate. Nobody can say from the right beginning of placing a candidate, that they will fit 100% into your corporate environment in the long term. Instead, the payment will be spread over a period of 12 months. You pay 2% of the candidate's gross annual salary every month, meaning 24% of the candidate's gross annual salary in total. In the event that the candidate leaves the company before the end of the first year, the invoice ends at the end of the employment contract. For you as our client, there is no risk, you only pay for what you actually benefit from.

Precise Preselection

Your Transport Talent advantages don't stop here. With our support, you have the opportunity to test the candidate at various levels right from the start. In addition to checking references, which we would be happy to do for you, we can also conduct a personality test with the candidates using the PI/PLI procedure. This makes it easier to decide whether the candidate fits into your team structure. We are also happy to check their foreign language skills - native speakers can test the candidates in English, German and Danish.

We take over the entire process of coordinating appointments so that you can get to know your ideal candidate. If you would like to hire the candidate, we will be happy to support you in drafting the contract and advise you.

We make everything transparent and thus open ways for trustful and successful cooperation as your partner in HR topics. Contact us today for a non-binding conversation on how we can support you!

At Transport Talent, we specialize in advancing the careers of talented professionals in transport and logistics. Discover how Transport Talent can boost your career today! Beyond individual career growth, we're more than just a acquisition partner for businesses; we're an extension of your HR team. Our expertise ensures you secure motivated professionals who will be invaluable, long-term assets to your organization. Explore Transport Talent's unique approach and services now.

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