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Logistics jobs through social media

Michel Rothgaenger
Michel Rothgaenger

More and more companies are using social media sites to find potential new recruits - including in the transport and logistics industry. Social media is used in a variety of ways. Whether HR professionals look at social media profiles to get a more precise overview of the candidates they find interesting or to search for open positions or place targeted ads for matching profiles, HR and social media have become intrinsically entwined.

You can think of your social media profiles as free advertising space. You can show recruiters exactly what is special about you, your talents and skills. You don't need to be a marketing expert to do this, you just need to follow a few tips and tricks to create a good profile.

  1. Remove old and irrelevant information

  2. Provide correct and consistent information

  3. Use the same photo for all profiles - you will be more recognizable and easier to find on different platforms

  4. Don't be afraid of showing your personality... without being controversial or offensive

  5. Expand your network - this will make it easier for you to be found by your dream employer

  6. Expand your profile - show as much relevant information as possible, take the chance to publish papers or articles or simply share posts with your own opinion added to it. Interactions on social media will help you get noticed

  7. Use LinkedIn confirmations and recommendations - its a simple way to prove your skills

  8. Avoid technical terminology - instead plainly state your skills so that people from outside the industry will understand how your skills and experiences can be transferred to other jobs

  9. Presentation of social skills - social media is a great way t show off soft skills like communication or being detail-oriented

  10. Use Transport Talent - follow us on social media or just sign up, this way you will be up to date on opportunities in the industry

You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at

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