How to make your application stick out

Luna Schrøder
Luna Schrøder

We all know that certain qualities are desirable in a worker, which may also be why in many descriptions people describe themselves as "creative", "strategic" and "motivated". These are terms are used so frequently, they have mostly lost their meaning to many HR professionals. So instead consider some alternative ways to present yourself with the following trips.

Cover Letter

Think about what the reader should know about you and how you would describe yourself in real life. Make sure that your personality can be found within the cover letter. Try to add some personal thoughts and opinions on topics related to the position. Do not try to impress through excessive use of technical terms, it will seem unnatural and excessively formal.

Look for synonyms or similar words to describe your person and activity. For example, "creative" can become "artistic" or "resourceful", in order to enhance the nuances which will be important for the job. Furthermore, illustrate the above-mentioned quality, e.g. by your years of experience in the industry, or give examples of projects you have worked on or problems you have solved. It will be more convincing and gives you more possibilities to show off your best qualities.

Work experience

Previous work experience is shown by giving job titles, and succinct descriptions of your tasks, focusing on special examples. A recruiter prefers to see what you have achieved, not just your day-to-day tasks. A job as a sales representative may seem self-explanatory at first. But indicate where you have exceeded goals, had personnel responsibility or gained new customers. Using numbers will be beneficial, as they can convey strong messages with very few words.


A further way to use examples is by having people write references for you, where they detail areas in which you excelled. Nothing is more effective than praise from people you have worked with. This will add sincerity to what you say about yourself and acts as proof to support your claims.


For some, this may seem off-topic, but hobbies can help to make you more personable, rather than just words on paper. Through this section on your CV, you can show more about who you are as a whole person and it will complete and complement your profile. After all, when a new person is added to the team it is also important to know that the person fits, in addition to his or her skills.

Take the time and take another look at your CV, while keeping these points in mind. A few simple changes can make all the difference in your application.

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