Do this after your next interview

Luna Schrøder
Luna Schrøder

Your job interview went great, both the conversation and connection were there, but you want to do something more, something that will make the employer remember you. We recommend sending a thank you note.

Sending a "Thank You" email after the interview will help you leave a positive image, show your proactive nature and will ensure that the hiring manager remembers your name. Send the email to your interviewing partner and remember to continue in the same tone as the interview, whether this was formal or informal.

The benefits of sending a thank you note include:

  • it shows that you have an above-average interest in the position
  • you will stand out of the crowd
  • the hiring manager will see your name again after the interview with a positive association
  • it does not make much time, and yet it can boost your chances of getting the job
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