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Benefits of signing up for our Young Talent Network

The logistics sector offers a great deal of exciting opportunities. Our network helps you navigate and grow your career, connect with other talents and find new job opportunities.

Free personal consultations

Your personal consultant will be by your side to support you in shaping your career in transport and logistics. We will take time to get to know you, your goals and your priorities and will always be available to answer your questions or assist you with any career-related challenges. All our services will be free of charge for you forever! Our costs are fully covered by our client companies. In case one of our clients hires you as their new employee, they pay us a fee.

Help with developing your career

Whenever you feel that it’s time for you to work on your career or change your job, we will help you navigate your options. You can approach your consultant for job opportunities that match your experience, qualifications and preferences. As a professional recruiting consultancy, we have insights into vacancies which are not yet published, allowing you to scoop up a great opportunity before anyone else does.

Connecting with other talents

By signing up, you will become a member of our talent network. In online meetings and in-person meetups, you will be able to connect with other young talents in the logistics industry. Connecting with others is a great way to grow your network, hear first about new opportunities and learn about other departments and positions.

Learning opportunities

You will get access to the Young Talent area of our website which includes exclusive articles, guides, checklists, CV templates and more. These resources can help build your expertise and guide you through your preparations for job interviews. In addition, you can take part in our online meetings in which we cover specific topics and answer your questions.

How it works

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  • Become part of the Young Talent Network

    When you sign up, you become part of our network consisting of other talents and exciting employers in transport and logistics.

  • Get contacted by your personal consultant

    Your personal career consultant will get in touch with you via email to get a complete picture of you. This is a great time to approach us with any questions you have und let us know about your current goals and ambitions.

  • Make use of our benefits

    Once you're signed up, you will get access to our password secured page for young talents, where you will find guides and templates that will help you grow your career. You will also be invited to online meetings and meetups in which we will cover topics important for your career development and answer your questions. This is also the perfect opportunity for some networking!

  • Grow your career with us

    When it’s time for you to switch jobs, we will offer to match you with exciting positions that fit your preferences, personality, experience and merits. If the job meets your expectations, we will propose you as a candidate for the position and guide you through the application process.


Any other questions? This section will shed some light.

In case it doesn't, feel free to contact us directly!

Getting started with your career in transport and logistics isn't always easy. There is a lot to learn and many new challenges to navigate. We will help you find your way and grow your career in alignment with your preferences, personality and ambitions. You can always approach your consultant with any questions, make use of our content and templates and take part in our meetings.

We are working with a large number of exciting logistics employers and build on years of experience as HR consultants. Becoming a part of the Young Talent Network means that you will be contacted first when there is a position matching your experience and preferences. Additionally, you will get a head start on positions which aren't yet published, giving you an extra boost to find the perfect next step in your career.

You are eligible for membership in the Young Talent Network if you work in transport and logistics or aspire to do so and are no more than 25 years old. Especially if you are still at the beginning of your career and are still in training or studying, or have recently graduated, you can benefit from the advantages of the network. If you are older than 25, our general services for talents are more suitable for you. Discover how Transport Talent can boost your career today!.

Transport Talent started out as a classic recruiting agency. Thus, our key activities lie in, on the one hand, recruiting candidates for the client companies we work with and, on the other hand, helping talents find jobs that perfectly match their experience and expectations. Anyone working in logistics or who would like to work in logistics is welcome to create a candidate profile with us so that we can match them with employers and help them grow their careers.

We developed the Young Talent Network because our vision is to become the consultancy of choice for all talents working in logistics. Before the network launched, young talents still in the process of completing their apprenticeships or traineeships were usually not a part of our talent pool. We believe that it is important to assist young talents early on so they can make the best decisions for their future. While our core services are the same for the Young Talent Network and our candidate pool, as a member of the YTN you will have access to additional benefits like our guides, templates and participation in our online meetings.

The answer is short and sweet: No.
As a member or our Young Talent Network, you will never have to pay a fee for any of our services and benefits. Consultations, accessing our benefits and taking part in our meetings will always be free of charge for you.

You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at