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How to find a new job

Luna Schrøder
Luna Schrøder

Finding the perfect new position can be challenging, which is why we want to offer you some advice on how you can make this path a little easier.


Research possible jobs that suit you and sound interesting, building upon your skillset yet adding new areas or responsibilities, so that the new position will be exciting and challenging for you. Read and search for job ads on the Internet. Be creative with your keyword search when you notice that the first words don't bring the desired success.


Talk to friends and acquaintances about your desire to change jobs. You can never rule out the possibility that they have a vacancy in the company that matches your profile. Networking is sometimes very effective. But remember: networking should be a two-way street, authentic and ongoing. No one wants to simply be contacted for a favor, instead build and maintain long-lasting relationships with professionals in your industry.

Social Media

If you have already discussed your desire for a new job with your boss, you can deal with it quite openly. So you can also indicate in your profile on LinkedIn that you are looking for a job, preferably with information about your special fields and experiences. If you want to keep it a secret, inform yourself about settings that allow you to show your openness to new opportunities without them being immediately visible to your current employer.

External services

Get in touch with recruiting and staffing agencies. With the intermediary role they play, recruiters often have many contacts and options at various levels and in many different companies. Working with recruiters to find a job often gives you access to job opportunities that companies don't publish in any other way, so you wouldn't even find them. In addition, recruitment agencies often specialize in one sector, as Transport Talent does with the transport and logistics industry. So if this is the industry for you, why not get in touch with us and start a conversation about what possibilities we may have for you.

You can reach our international team in Hamburg by phone at +49 40 53 799 1400 or by mail at

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