FAQ Referral

What does share and earn actually mean?

Social recruiting is a great way of attracting talent. Transport Talent allows you to join in and monetize your network. Share a job with your contacts and if one of them is hired you'll receive a reward of 500 EUR or more.

What is the typical size of a referral award?

Referral rewards start from 500 EUR. The decision on the exact amount lies with the hiring company.

Which positions are available for referral?

Once you've signed up for our referral program on transporttalent.com, you can access all current referral jobs. Additionally, you can sign up for our referral job alert.

How do I refer a job from Transport Talent?

To identify all contacts coming through your recommendation, please register your name and email with Transport Talent. Then open the job ad you want to share and click on the referral button. We will create a personalized URL that you can share via social media or personal messages. This way we can match incoming applications to your account.

When will I receive the referral reward?

The referral reward will be disbursed by Transport Talent upon receipt of payment from the employer and 2 months after the start date of employment.

What are ambassadors?

Transport Talent is always looking for people with a strong network in transport and logistics. All our ambassadors have successfully shared referral jobs and now get exclusive access to new referral jobs before they are available on our website. Get in touch with us to learn more.