FAQ Referral

What is Transport Talent?

Transport Talent is the easy to use, crowdsourced recruiting platform built by experienced logistics and HR executives. Our goal is to find great candidates that companies may otherwise never find.

We ask you to help our valued employers fill urgent openings or difficult positions. In return, we pay you valuable rewards when the individuals you discover are hired for the roles you refer them to. As an independent recruiter on Transport Talent, you can:

  • Refer individuals for great jobs as often as you like, and earn rewards with no limits
  • See new jobs every week from companies who need to hire right away
  • Set your own schedule, and, make extra $$ sourcing in your spare time

Who can participate on Transport Talent?

YOU and anyone who knows someone looking for a job. Whether you are a professional recruiter, freelance recruiter, or any type of business professional, Transport Talent rewards you for helping your contacts, colleagues, friends or family get a new job in the transport and logistics industry.

Tip: If you are an independent recruiter, you must make it clear to any potential candidate that you contact that you are an independent recruiter, and are not working for Transport Talent, on behalf of Transport Talent, or with the hiring company.

How does Transport Talent work?

1. Review hundreds of great Jobs
Transport Talent partners with employers to fill critical roles in the transport and logistics industry. As a Transport Talent recruiter, you simply browse the list of open roles to find positions you can help us fill. New jobs are added to Transport Talent all the time, so remember to check back frequently and/or sign up for email alerts.

2. Find candidates
Once you’ve found a Transport Talent job opening that piques your recruiting interest, it's time to hunt for candidates. Using whatever sourcing techniques you like best it's up to you to bring in the best candidates you can find!

3. Refer Candidates
Now that you have a few good candidates, it’s time to refer them! To refer a candidate, just ask them to apply through the unique link you have provided them on the position in question..
If they choose to apply, their resume is officially submitted, and you'll be eligible for the rewards listed on that job if your candidate meets the reward criteria.

Finding Candidates

How do I find candidates to refer to Transport Talent jobs?
We're depending on you to discover new candidates that we otherwise would not have found. So we encourage you to find candidates in whichever way is both effective for you and within our guidelines.
Some successful strategies employed by other Transport Talent recruiters include:

  • Finding and contacting candidates via social networks like LinkedIn
  • Putting the word out within their own professional networks
  • Attending local events that are relevant to the types of professionals they are looking for
  • Utilising professional associations and other membership organisations
  • Using resume databases to find candidates

What should I do once I’ve identified a great candidate?
Once you find a great candidate, get in touch with them to tell them about the opportunity. Be sure to let them know that you’re an independent recruiter who has identified them as a good fit for the role. If they’re interested, refer them to the job by getting them to apply via the unique link you have provided them with

Can I contact the employer if I have a question?
No, please do not reach out to employers directly. If you have questions related to the postings contact us at info@transporttalent.com

What if my candidate has already applied?
Employers are using referrals to find new candidates. If your candidate has already applied, or has been referred by someone else on Transport Talent, we will notify you that you are not eligible for the reward.

Can I submit the same candidate to more than one job?
Yes, if there are multiple roles for which the candidate is a good match, feel free to submit the candidate to each one.

Can I share the name of the hiring employer with potential candidates?
Yes, if the details are available on the transport talent site you can share it.

How do I get additional job information (e.g. salary)?
We aim to list positions offering market- rate salaries, and some job listings will display the salary ranges directly.

Referring Candidates

Can I refer a candidate I don’t know personally?
Of course! We encourage you to flex your sourcing skills to find candidates that we otherwise wouldn’t. As you find great candidates, make sure to reach out to them to confirm their interest before referring them.

Does Transport Talent keep my candidate’s contact information?
Yes. If your candidate chooses to apply for the job, but is not a perfect match for the position, we will maintain their information in case they are a match for another position at a later time. You must submit the candidate for open roles they are interested in in the future to receive credit for placing your candidate at a job. However, if your candidate does not choose to apply for the job, we will purge their information.

Managing Referred Candidates

My Candidate has been in the same status for a while, what's going on?
There are a handful of common reasons why this could be. For instance, there may be lots of candidates in the pipeline, and the employer is trying to catch up. Generally, the best way to find out more detailed information about your candidate's status is to reach out to them! They'll have the latest info from the hiring employer.

How will I know if one of my candidates is hired?
The Transport Talent team keeps track of when one your candidates have been hired.

One of my candidates was hired, what happens now?
When one of your candidates is hired for the position you referred them to, we will contact you and send you the necessary forms to issue your reward payment. With your payment information on file, we can issue your payment when your candidate starts their new job (it make take some weeks for our payment processor to issue funds).