FAQ Employers

Why should we use Transport Talent?

Transport Talent is the most efficient way to hire the best people for the transportation and logistics sector. We have years of industry experience, so we know what we are talking about. Save time and money with our innovative targeting methods.

Who are the people behind Transport Talent?

Transport Talent was founded by Ulrich Nissen and Michel Rothgaenger. Both have a long track record in Management and HR from some of the world’s leading logistics companies.

What services does Transport Talent offer?

Transport Talent finds the right fit for your vacancy. We use social recruitment to motivate a large group of people to use their personal network within transport, logistics, and supply chain to connect employers with candidates via online word of mouth. You provide us with your requirements and we get back to you with a pre-vetted shortlist ready for you to interview.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing is designed to be as transparent as possible. You pay only when you hire and we charge a % of first years base salary.

Is Transport Talent GDPR compliant?

At Transport Talent, data privacy is one of our top concerns. As such, we meet or exceed the various requirements of global privacy regulations, including GDPR.

While legislation like GDPR only applies to citizens of EU member states, Transport Talent extends the same level of data privacy and security to all of our users globally.

All candidates that are submitted through our platform are notified and must opt-in with active consent to have their information shared with an employer.