January is the “New job” month

January is the “New job” month

New year - new job. A lot of people are shifting their old job out with something new in the beginning of every year, and for good reasons. January is one of the most prominent months when looking for new jobs, as this is the month where most companies post new open positions.

Although the big parties and Christmas shopping probably has torn on your energy level, you should push yourself and take a look at some of the new positions available.

When should I send my application?
We’ve seen a tendency that sending your application in the middle of January, between the 15 th and the 20 th is actually the most promising hiring-wise. This is mainly due to the fact that most companies have had the Christmas off and thus needs a couple of weeks to get the company up to speed again.
This, however, leaves you great time to read up on the businesses that you want to apply for positions in, and brush up your curriculum vitae so that your possible future employer finds your resume to stand out the most and calls you in for an interview.
Moreover, most companies plan their hiring plans throughout January, and most of them are done by mid-January, which is also the point where they start posting the jobs to various job portals and sites.
So, send your newly improved resume to the companies that you would like to apply for positions in, in the middle of January, and your chances of getting the job should be better.

Things to keep in mind
One of the most important things to keep in mind while applying for new jobs, is that jobs that are outside
of your area of expertise might also be interesting, as you will both be able to learn something about a new industry, but also improve skills that you did not know you had.
A lot of areas need professionals with all kinds of different skills sets, and yours might be needed in several fields that you never thought you would work in. Take the logistics industry as an example, where a lot of companies are currently in need of both coordinators, application consultants and technical specialists, which are all jobs that are not necessarily often associated with the logistics industry.

The hiring process might take longer
Although January is the month with most available positions for job seekers, the processes of getting hired might take twice if not three times as long, as there are lot of applicants during this particular month of the year. This is why you might want to prepare yourself for waiting a little longer than usual, before jumping to the conclusion that you won’t get the job.

Your next job might be right around the corner, so dust off your resume, make the necessary
improvements and get it out to the employers.