How to use travel times for yourself

How to use travel times for yourself

Get up in the morning, get ready, have breakfast - and off you go to work. To arrive at the office, many people first have to cover a distance, because very few live around the corner from their workplace. Commuters sometimes spend a lot of time every day driving to work and back home, some up to three hours or more a day. That's time that can't be properly classified anywhere. A state of suspension in which you are neither exposed to the stress of the office nor can you comfortably enjoy the time after work with your family or friends.

Well, if you drive by car, you don't have much to do but concentrate on the traffic. Besides, you might be playing music, talking on the phone so that time goes by faster, and otherwise you're just dwelling a bit on thoughts and looking at the other cars in front of you and behind you. But what can you do if you are travelling by train and are sitting in the train for a long time?

Maybe you're lucky and get a seat with a middle table, if not, you still have the folding table in the back of the front seat. The hour (or more) in the train is a wonderful opportunity to read emails in the morning. This allows you to pre-sort various things in your head and get straight to work on the more important tasks of the day when you arrive at the office. If you have to give a presentation or have a customer meeting in front of you, you can take a last, concentrated look at the documents to internalise everything or put the finishing touches on it.

However, not everyone wants to put their energy into work content before they have even arrived at their workplace. Nevertheless, you can still use your time wisely instead of just browsing Facebook or staring out of the window. Sometimes staring out of the window can be necessary and inspiring, but reading a good book can be just as inspiring and relaxing. It can be a thin book that fits comfortably in your bag, or an e-reader that can be easily stowed away anyway. A good piece of literature that takes your mind off to other worlds, maybe a classic you've always wanted to take on. A travelogue that pulls you into the distance and brings distant, perhaps still unknown places to life before your inner eye. A non-fiction book that presents a topic that has always interested you or provides you with new knowledge. The possibilities are countless. And if you don't want to read it yourself, you can have it read to you and access an audio book. This is also more suitable, for example, if you are travelling in crowded and correspondingly narrow subways or buses.

After work, many people lack the desire and leisure to deal with other tasks from the office, and even the book or e-book that they like to take out in the morning seems much too exhausting on the way back. Use the time after a strenuous day to relax with good music or to get into a positive atmosphere after work. You could choose your favourite playlist that you know is good for you. Or, depending on your evening plans, you could choose music that prepares you for the event. If you attend a concert, you can get a taste of the music of the same artist or composer. If you're invited to a cocktail party, just turn on some lounge music. If you are going to the Salsa dance lesson in the evening, you can warm up your thoughts with Latin music and get going.

But if you don't just want to let the music wash over you, you can also become mentally active with pen and paper or your mobile phone for yourself and your leisure time, without having to concentrate on solving difficult tasks. Maybe you've invited friends to a big dinner soon, or you're having a bigger party. This requires not only practical preparation, but also good planning. So on your daily journey, think about what the celebration should be like, and what to do until that certain day. Such brainstorming can sometimes trigger a whole stream of good ideas.

But it doesn't have to be the big event in the near future. Everyday life also has certain processes that you can plan ahead, and that can even be fun. Perhaps your stomach will remind you on your way home that you will be eating dinner in the foreseeable future. And instead of just spontaneously thinking about what should end up on the table, you can think about nice foods for the coming days. Think about what you have in the fridge and what you could make of it. Go through food blogs and cooking websites to get inspired. Think about what you want to cook or bake in the next few days and write down your shopping list for the weekend. Perhaps the day after tomorrow one of your favourite dishes, which you have not eaten in a long time, will suddenly be on the table. Another thing to look forward to on your way back from work.

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