Become Ambassador for Transport Talent

Become Ambassador for Transport Talent

Yes indeed, we are looking for ambassadors for Transport Talent. A fancy word you think? And while being at it you might add “and what does an ambassador do exactly?”. I’m glad you’re here and asking, so let me explain.

Headhunters and stuff

As an employee, you might have come across the concept of headhunting at some time. For those of you who don’t really know I’ll give you a short overview: When a company is looking for someone who fits their requirements but they don’t find that particular someone among their own applicants they eventually engage headhunters to track that special one down. What a headhunter then does is browsing the market for persons matching the criteria the company has come up with. In case they find someone fitting they try to get in touch with that person and try to motivate him or her to apply for that position. Depending on how well the entire procedure goes the person in pursuit might eventually change his or her current position for a new one.

People who are looking for a new challenge usually look around by themselves. They also tend to use platforms like Transport Talent to find new opportunities and learn about them. But as it is with all of us one might not always find the time, the right platform or the right job.

Then there is you

We feel there is this certain kind of person around who always seems to have his or her ear on the floor and just knows stuff, lots and lots of people, has acquaintances everywhere and is well connected. In our case, this would mean the world of logistics, transportation, and supply chain, although not exclusively as this industry includes so many other professions at the same time.

Now, this person might be you. Maybe you are just starting in your profession, maybe you’re are a senior, on a break or whatever it is. You like to connect, stay in touch, enjoy networking and talking to people.

So, what about the ambassador…?

I was about to get there.

We are looking for people who will help us to spread the word about Transport Talent. So you use your network to help us get the ball rolling. Become our ambassador so people in the industry learn about us. Tell your company about us, your friends, colleagues and whoever else might like to hear about us.

Why would I do that? What’s in it for me?

We are well aware of the fact that you will use your resources and your time for us. So here is the deal:

  1. For each job that has come through you
  2. For each job from a company that has joined us thanks to you
  3. For each candidate that signs up and we can therefore propose to employers
    you will receive a reward. Depending on how hard you push this you might be able to reach a nice second income on the side or you become some kind of a headhunter as well.

Let’s say thanks to you we have the chance to fill a company’s jobs for the next 5 years. And each time we succeed, you gain as well.

Sounds like a deal? Swell. Then do sign up here and become one of our ambassadors.


By becoming an ambassador you help Transport Talent to spread the word about TT. For this you will receive rewards for each job, each candidate and each company that come through you.

Sign up here and become ambassador

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